Friday, March 27, 2015

How to save a plant:

Caring for plants require time and proper technique. It can happen sometimes that we may forget to water the plant or may place it in an area where it does not get enough sunlight. In the event that your plant does begin to wilt or die, we have come up with the following tips to help nurse it back to life:
  1. Remove dead leaves from the plant: Trim away all dead leaves as these will not return back to life. You can use scissors or pruning sheers. Remember to leave any buds, even if they look unhealthy. 
  2. Consider repotting: Find out if the pot has become too small for the plant or if the pot is not in great condition to hold the plant. If you find that this is the case, repot it. 
  3. Check humidity levels in the home: Plants like humidity. Be sure that your home is humid enough to have plants. 
  4. Control sunlight: Be sure the plant it in a place where it gets some sunlight, but also somewhere that has some shade as well. Constant sunlight can also dry out the plant. 

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