Friday, April 9, 2010

Trendy Garden Designs!

“The New Shape of Style”

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Today, dogs, cats, cars, phones and houses are added up accesories that make part of an overall personal IMAGE. A new extension of this image is being shown off in gardens and yards of many properties. As it appears, a talented and creative architect is just not enough anymore to capture your authencity and style and project it in your house. GARDENERS or landscapers have evolved to be a key element in creating stylish and unique Simi Valley homes.

Hiring the services of a Simi Valley professional gardener is crucial to show of a beautiful facade of your home. They can provide lots of relevant advice on how you should organize your space, soil selection for plants, type of plants and accessories you could use.

What a Landscape Designer should consider:

  • Customer’s taste, style and budget
  • Facade of the house
  • Space distribution
  • Weather conditions
  • Geometry of the home
  • Texture and material mixtures
  • Pets or animals around the house
  • Children living in the house
  • Garden expression
  • Customer’s health conditions (allergies, breathing problems, etc)

A great gardener in Simi Valley considers all your style preferences and plans out a unique landscape or garden space for your property. Modern Designs often include big different shapes and bright colors with unusual wild plants. New trends in colors, shapes and space distribution are becoming important factors to take into account when designing the landscape for any home.

Don't Stay in the Past...Let your Home STAND OUT Giving your Garden a Stylish Makeover!

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