Friday, April 19, 2013

All You Need to Know about Sod Grass

If you are shifting to a new house or planning to give a new look to your current one, the installation of a brand new Sod is definitely something you should consider in order to give it a greener look.

If you love greenery and weed free lawns that are low maintenance, lawns which you are able to grow in a few days and that look as great as the fields of Switzerland then the installation of Sod is definitely something worth taking into consideration.


You must decide the exact size of the lawn and the amount of sod you will need.
You must check both the type and the quality of soil that exists in your lawn

Before getting a sod installation, you must remove any weeds that grow in the soil.

Ensure that there is proper draining for water.

Check if the lawn will get proper sunlight

Make sure that you clear the whole area and grade your soil before sod installation.

After taking into consideration all these factors, you must contact a competent Sod fabricant and let him know that you, in fact, have all these conditions ready beforehand. This will help him prepare a Sod that is best suited to the conditions and that will grow without any hindrance. Moreover, buying directly from the gardeners/makers is very beneficial, as you’ll remove any middlemen and pay a lower rate for every Sod grass installation that you’ve planned. 


For example, Sods like Kentucky bluegrass, annual/perennial fescues and ryegrass are mostly suited for winter climate and will not show any signs of fertility in either warm or dry climates.
All other varieties, such as Bermuda, Carpet, St. Augustine, Centipede, etc; are made for warmer climates. If you live near the beach, then you can buy the very exquisite Bahia variety, which is happens to be exclusively suited to this type of climate

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